A DC-9 sampled ‘bitching betty’ machine voice whispers into your ear etc.. Turn immunization to autophagic dieback (sic) Your throat is slit while it continues to whisper into your ear that everything is going to be ok. stop. Radiation erases data, drone loses connection to operational controller spiralling into rock. Paranoia collides with quartz, mica and rich in plagioclase feldspar into unexpected porphyritic agitation.
So, institute a cold twist operation keep driving tropical modernist soil. spit up. thought on a downward movement, spit, up, he walked in –ertly collapsed motorik. spills and spurts back upwards in a gnarly perforating absolunaut bounce Fields
PVC resins of melted clay plasticize disrupting endocrines. Crystallised from magmas evolved to the eutectic through igneous differentiation, the discounted theory of metasomitism is unearthed. Bokeh spreads to surface glare, stealthy earworm. Pushed up through stoping intrusion and gooey surface leaks, pumped up drone repurposes vision function to compress silica and soda ash, spraying GBU-12 Paveway IIs. Sparks strike sand spiked polyethylene terephtelate branching fulgurite, producing non-crystalline polymer moldavites, which drone-blown exhibit glass transition and cover the surface of the Earth dot dot etcetera dot dot dot
etc.. (ahem) Incite bursts of radio waves re-organizing protons, sparking haemodynamic response for voxel by voxel coding, hydration binders for its granular aggregate and it wants you multi-tranche, securitization crust re-bounce etc.. [from the top] minuted

A Dark Image, video still

Andy Weir, standing by a sculpture

Bio - london-based artist, writer; senior lecturer in fine art, arts university bournemouth; phd goldsmiths
close up 2