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Francisco Pedraglio
Anca Rujoiu
Pieternel Vermoortel

Charles Read
Manuel Ángel

QGTOPLB is published and distributed by FormContent. It is part of a 15 month programme on visual language, abstraction, disappearance and the object, ‘It’s moving from I to it’ takes shape through a series of commissioned texts, workshops, a set of public events and an exhibition.

Fyoung Kim - Title
Andy Weir - Proposal for a Movement from I to It
Annabel Frearson - Informaticism
Barbara Pfenningstorf - Sculpture in the Expanded Field
Manuel Ángel - Proliferation of Masks
Emily Rosamond - Photograph with Eight Descriptions

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Scene 8: It's moving from I to It

With: Manon de Boer, Ben Cain, Mark Geffriaud, Ian Kiaer & Miklos Onucsan

31 August- 28 September PV Thursday, 30 August, 5.00-9.00pm

The Contemporary Art Gallery, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, Romania

This exhibition is part of the eponymous programme initiated by FormContent. With a nomadic format and limited time span, It's moving from I to It uses fiction as its main tool to reflect on cultural production. The programme takes the format of a script and develops gradually through insertion of scenes, which can be either commissioned texts, events and exhibitions based on an outline written by FormContent.

It's moving from I to It, the exhibition, situates itself in the middle of the programme, yet it marks its point of departure as it encompasses the underlying aspects of this endeavor. The movement from I to It traces the relation of the author with process and material and its implications in terms of authorship. Starting from Blanchot’s take on language; and the idea that we can’t return a linguistic meaning to a point of origin or back to its writer, the programme expands this perspective on writing to artistic practices. With a focus on the process of making, the exhibition addresses the possibility of an autonomous visual language shaped by the basic relation between the artist and his/her material in a process of production in which both are co-participants and collaborators.

The attempt to leave a subjective trace collides with the objectifying power of language and with the ability of material to keep its identity so that inevitably an I turns into an autonomous It. This process is moreover complicated by the act of looking, by the relation between the viewer and the work and the changing nature of our relationship to objects. By the act of reading we construct what we see, we project what we know; images, texts, objects, … as to configure what it is in front of our eyes.

The exhibition is accompanied by a digital publication that comprises texts written by Phd candidates of the doctoral programme in Fine Art and Curating at Goldsmiths College London and stems from a FormContent workshop on It’s moving from I to It.