Ungrounding the object, 2012
Ungrounding the object, 2012

Ungrounding the object, 2012

The Matter of Contradiction
Ungrounding the Object

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The Matter of Contradiction/Ungrounding the Object is the second event in a series of four focusing on the relationships between art and new forms of contemporary philosophy. The first event, Art Without Aesthetics, held in Rosascape, Paris, in December 2011, introduced the series, attending to questions of the artwork beyond anthropocentrism. This second event, Ungrounding the Object focuses its attention on the renewal of the object as conceived outside of human access and the shattering of the ‘space of critique’. It attempts to understand how art, philosophy, mathematics, geology and physics can collide, not just as procedure of transdisciplinarity but through the intersection of their independent dynamics and collusion of their materials. Articulated as the disruption or collapsing of the ground on which we stand, we claim ungrounding is a cognitive and material process of evisceration. To this end, the correlation between thought and the object should be revised. We wish to explore the impact of objective reality within the realm of art practice, contending that we must understand the capacity of the (art)object to unground through its contingent materiality.

Ungrounding the Object is split in two parts. From Saturday 1st to Friday the 7th, Treignac Projet will host a private workshop (fully booked!) with a group of 16 participants. On the weekend of 8th and 9th September, Le Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière will host a two-day conference addressing the issues raised during the workshop.


List of speakers / 8th-9th of September

Bertrand Prévost
Graham Harman
Gabriel Catren
Levi Bryant
Nick Srnicek?
Patricia Falguières
Timothy Morton


Workshop participants / 1st-9th of September

Adam Thompson
Andy Weir
Christopher Thomas
Fabien Giraud
Ida Soulard
Inigo Wilkins
Jeremy James Lecomte
Joao Florencio
Jonas Zaikatis
Kirsten Cooke
Olivier Surel
Sam Basu
Sandra Terdjman
Tom Trevatt
Vincent Normand
Yves Mettler

Workshop speakers / 1st-9th of September

Ben Woodard
Luciano Boi
Sarah Lauro

(more infos on the conference speakers page)