Microfluidic Zooxanthellae Firing, ongoing
Microfluidic Zooxanthellae Firing, ongoing

Microfluidic Zooxanthellae Firing, ongoing

series of workshops, discussions and interface designs

MZF001: Rehburger Mixotrophica (Cold Bioluminescent Interface), in production for 2013

The work takes the form of a simple interface operation. I develop bioluminescent algae in my studio in South East London and use its ‘cold luminosity’ (Pliny the Elder) as an input to control, as output via Pure Data and the web, the lighting of an exhibition space at a symposium of electronic art in Sydney, Australia. Through its title and content the work makes reference to the 2004 work 'Private Matters' by the artist Tobias Rehberger where the lighting of a built structure in the Whitechapel Gallery was controlled by a teenager (who happens to also be named Tobias Rehberger) from a private bedroom in Germany. Rehburger’s work can be seen to extend Martin Creed’s 2000 work 'Work No. 227, The Lights Going On and Off' by shifting from a regulated timer (5 seconds on 5 seconds off) to another indifferent human agency. My work extends Rehburger’s gesture ecologically by wiring the expressive function of the algae into an agency for the minimal architectural transformation pattern. By acting in complicity with material processes, the work produces a space of exhibition not dependent upon or prioritising public participation but as registration of this surplus expenditure. Luciferin and luciferase catalyse, excess energy is released through coelenterazine.


photosynthetic mixotrophic auto-anthropophagy


MKF002: Aesthetics of the Interface, Collective Modelling

This began as a discussion at the Lux (dis)chorus project

details to come