Escapologies 2 or 3, 2013
Escapologies 2 or 3, 2013

A Research Symposium in the form of a 72 hour video

Escapologies 2 or 3 , 4-6 March 2013, 11am-5pm, Room 102, Studio A
Goldsmiths, New Cross, London

The proposition for this symposium comes out of a two-year research
group working on temporalities of exit and withdrawal--escapes in,
through and against time. Drawing on this collaborative research, we
will host a 3-day event to test and expand ideas around immersivity,
interfacing and temporal diagrammatics as they have emerged from our

Rather than using the format of live presentations to an audience, the
symposium material consists entirely of a 72-hour video playlist that
plays continuously over the 3-day period. It contains visual and audio
material that has crucially informed our thinking, alongside invited
contributions by artists, writers and theorists. These take a variety
of shapes and forms, from recorded statements and conversations
through to edited works, and from very short to very long. Guests are
invited and discussions may take place around the material at any time.

Hosted by:
Suzanne Caines, Kyoung Kim, Manuel Angel Macia, Barbara
Pfenningstorf, Nuno Ramalho, Edgar Schmitz, Linda Stupart and Andy Weir.

With contributions and responses from:
Ed Atkins, Don DeLillo, Steve Erickson, Pierre Huyghe, Yves Mettler, John Mullarkey, Sara Roberts, Benedict Singleton, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams.