Project Anywhere, 2013
Project Anywhere, 2013

Project Anywhere, 2013

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Project Anywhere is an exhibition space encompassing the entire globe in which the role of curator is replaced with the type of peer review model typically endorsed by a refereed journal. Given that it is now relatively commonplace for artistic research to occur outside conventional exhibition environments, and given that artist academics are still struggling with the problem of validation for practice-based research outcomes, Project Anywhere offers an innovative solution. Serving as a publication vehicle for artistic projects unbounded by the physical limitations of conventional exhibition contexts (i.e. art in remote geographical locations, technically specialised contexts, and even imagined spaces), Project Anywhere is dedicated to the dissemination and validation of art at the outermost limits of location-specificity.

Project Anywhere endorses a rigorous two-stage peer review process. First, an independent blind peer review of proposal submissions by artist academics of international standing is used to select projects. A subsequent open peer review by artist academics of international standing is then employed in order to determine which project outcomes are declared as “validated research outcomes”.