Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, Vol 10, No.1: Spring 2013
Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, Vol 10, No.1: Spring 2013

Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, 10(1) 2013, pp. 1.

Editors' note

A faint air of indifference hangs over the articles you can find in this Spring 2013 issue. This is not the indifference of our authors to their subjects, but rather the indifference revealed in the subjects they discuss. Lewis Coyne addresses Heidegger's apparent indifference to the sublime; Andy Weir explains how the deliberate indifference of a work of installation art introduces a new regime of ecological antagonism; and the indifferent resilience of capitalism in the face of revolutionary culture plays a pivotal role in Dharmender S. Dhillon's analysis of a subversive 'block party' organised by Dave Chappelle.

One exception, of course, is this issue's interview. There is anything but indifference in Chris Woerner's dialogue with the new President of the British Society of Aesthetics, Berys Gaut.

This first issue of a new year's volume is our first issue as the incoming editors of the PJA. We start our tenure by thanking people. Vid Simoniti, the previous editor, deserves our gratitude for his invaluable help and guidance in filling in his shoes and, most importantly, for leaving the journal to us in such fine condition. We are also indebted, and will continue to be, to the Trustees and members of the British Society of Aesthetics, without whose support the journal would not be possible. We finally wish to thank all our reviewers. Their critical generosity towards our authors allows the highest standards of postgraduate scholarship to be presented in these (digital) pages.

Al Baker University of Sheffield

Maarten Steenhagen University College London