Edge Effect, 2013
Edge Effect, 2013

Edge Effect, 2013

Edge Effect is an ongoing project platform inviting artists to embed aspects of their work within Google Street View.

Co-ordinated by Chris Timms
| Brenna Murphy | | Nicholas O'Brien | | Niko Princen (Original code by Mike Lacher) | | Andy Weir |

Rather than embedding something new into the landscape, Andy Weir uses the platform to connect existing sites through extracting and exchanging pixels, turning Google Streetview into a cosmic diagramming machine.

For the site launch, two cinematic locations are connected - the site where Sigmund Freud collapses in the film A Dangerous Method (2011), and the site where characters watch a planet crash into and destroy the Earth in Melancholia (2011). Through the pixel swap, the diagram compresses and connects the imagined collapses of the analyst body, and of the entire mapped landscape itself.