Desert Scan Ourzazate Version 1, 2014
Desert Scan Ourzazate Version 1, 2014

version 1.1. 50fps digital video w/sound, 3 seconds

version 1.2. 50fps digital video w/sound + documentation of the scan process, 2 minutes

The work is composed of publicly available Google satellite images of the Ourzazate desert in Northern Morocco, a site made famous as film set for a number of Hollywood and other 'desert' locations.

All available images of the desert have been relayed to a subject in an fMRI brain scanner, and the ones selected here are the ones that evoked the most response in the region of the brain associated with ‘pattern recognition’.

These images are the most suspicious or the most paranoid, perhaps, or the most likely to be formed into narrative by the human brain. The work composes a landscape in collaboration with Google, the brain and geological features of the terrain, where desert as background is transcoded into data for the future.

The process goes on, amassing more and more data for unknown end.

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