Interferencia, Bogota, 2009
Interferencia, Bogota, 2009

Interferencia, Bogota, 2009

(group exhibition)
Curated by Irene Aristizábal

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Interferencia is a group exhibition conceived translating the idea of silence as an allegory of cognitive processes. This exhibition brings together the work of three Colombian and six International artists using film, installation, drawing, text and sound.

Creating a distorted perception of visual images and time, the works presented in Interferencia unravel into a heterogenic and arrhythmic environment fluctuating between real and dreamlike situations.

Unnoticed, silenced, marginalised and invisible details or situations represent an indefinite landscape within which the participating artists explore the possibilities of the materiality of time. The exhibition space will be punctuated by ideas of cancellation, expansion, compression, superposition, cacophony, silence, and noise.

The artists participating in Interferencia are allsopp&weir; (UK), Mauricio Bejarano (COL), Pia Borg (AU), Asli Cavusoglu (TR), Jose Filipe Costa (POR), Lamarche-Ovize (FR), Juan Sebastián Suanca (COL), Luis Carlos Tovar (COL) y Mark Aerial Waller (UK).

The Museum of Health Sciences is located in the headquarters of the Colombian Academy of History, in the heart of Bogota’s historic centre. The museum’s with a very curious collection, temporarily hosts the exhibition Interferencia, as hidden stage where historic memory appears renovated through the works on show.

(Text by Irene Aristizábal)

installation view