Into Position, Vienna, 2007
Into Position, Vienna, 2007

Into Position, Vienna, 2007

(group exhibition)
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Venue: Bauernmarkt 9, passage
Artists: allsopp & weir, Blue Curry, Oriana Fox
Curated by Eva Martischnig and Adriana Marques

On liquid crystal screens worldwide, undelivered emails generate the following message:
Failure Notice: I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following address. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
Generated by computer chips, yet strangely personal, this automated message speaks of our professional and personal dependence on global communication, and the successes and failures of exchange.

The works presented in Failure Notice by emerging London artists, explore the processes of exchange, our dependence on its success and the consequences following miscommunication. Whether in our emotional lives or daily routines, communication becomes a normality too often ignored and underestimated. Failure Notice investigates how communication, whether technological, personal or physical, can never be perfect, and deals with the inherent failures that occur in the gaps between international correspondence and our physical presence.

Artist duo allsopp&weir; (live and work in London) present two emotive video works which investigate the rituals of calling and the affects of voice and exhaustion on language. In “Amplification Device” the grainy, bleached footage follows a man to the end of an airport runway, where he assembles a dysfunctional assortment of pipes, tubes and watering cans to attempt communication with planes soaring above. “Language Machine” draws on previous work dealing with language learning processes, and focuses on a tape deck and a muffled voice which emanates in a pulsing, jittery light, and drifts in and out of clarity, caught in an anxious, stuttering process of communication.

Failure Notice is produced by the Visual Arts Platform, which is hosted by the Austrian Cultural Forum London, Austria’s official cultural representation in the UK. The Platform presents emerging artists from, or working in, Austria, through exhibitions, residencies and artist's talks. Curated by Eva Martischnig and Adriana Marques, who are based in Graz and London respectively, this programme explores local, regional and global contexts of contemporary art by generating new links between Austria and the UK. Since the Visual Arts Platform was launched countless emails have been exchanged between Martischnig, Marques and the artist’s they have commissioned, and hundreds of miles travelled over the European borders between London and Austria’s cities. As a living example of creativity dependent on constant electronic exchange and the ability to travel, Eva Martischnig and Adriana Marques were asked to reverse their Visual Arts Platform, and curate an exhibition of emerging London artists for the Vienna based art association Intopos and their off-space project, Into Position.