ArtQuest Residency, Madrid, 2008
ArtQuest Residency, Madrid, 2008

ArtQuest Residency, Madrid, 2008

(artist residency)
Total Madrid - August-September 2008

Total Madrid was a three-month studio residency project organised in collaboration with artist-led gallery space Liquidacion Total, Madrid. allsopp&weir; (Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir) received a bursary, travel costs and studio space in Liquidacion's galery space in the heart of Madrid. The starting point for allsopp&weir;'s work (mainly in video) is what a 'political' or 'critical' aesthetics could mean today in the context of global capitalism.
Liquidación Total is a non-profit cultural association based in the Malasaña quarter of Madrid. Since 2002, Liquidación Total has offered a programme distinct from commercial or public galleries, preferring instead to generate one-off projects. Responding to an impression of Madrid as lacking in an artistic and creative presence beyond museums and galleries, Liquidacion Total aims to present emerging artists, international inter-generational exchange, create a dialogue among different social agents and present non-market oriented art projects.

Liquidacion Total emphasises its international programme, diverse and collaborative discourse with their audience, creative freedom for artists and their non-profit nature. They understand the importance of creating a network with the other art spaces both nationally and internationally, collaborating with, amongst others, El Ojo Atómico, Los 29 Enchufes, La Enana Marrón, Cruce, Rakkett (Norway) and Galerie für Landschaftkunst (Germany).