Hotel Meridian, London, 2008
Hotel Meridian, London, 2008

Hotel Meridian, London, 2008

(group exhibition)
curated by Mahony
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River barge Spaceman Spiff, Cadogan Pier, London
London, Oktober 2008

Allsopp & Weir (UK) / Matthew J. Andrew (UK)
Cleo Fariselli (IT) / Antti Laitinen (FI) / Mahony
(DE/AT) / Hans Schabus (AT) / Fabian Seiz (AT)

Hotel Meridian was the second show of the Odyssey 500 project by the artist collective Mahony. It took place on an old river barge, moored at Cadogan Pier, London, at exactly 0°09´48.89" W to prime meridian. Amongst presenting our new work Land´s End, we invited six international artists/collectives to show their work on the boat.Each work offers a different perspective on phenomena which are to be found within the range of measurement, mapping, miscalculation and presumptuousness. For one week in November 2008 the show was open for public, apart from an official opening we arranged a Potato Dinner on board and finish artist Antti Laitinen performed his work Voyage, rowing the Thames on his selfmade Island from Cadogan Pier to Westminster, where he finally got stopped from going further by London water guards.
(Text by Mahony)