Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 2007
Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 2007

(solo exhibition)
24th Nov – 23rd Dec

Private View, Fri Nov 23rd 6-9pm

Artists Q+A with Lucia Farinati, Sat Dec 1st, 2pm

Cinemateque Screening curated by the artists and Ben Rivers
Wed Dec 6th, 8pm
'Film' - Samuel Beckett, 1965, 21'
'Crni Film' - Zelimir Zilik, 1971, 14'
'Boudu Saved From Drowning - Jean Renoir, 1932, 67'

Click here to download a PDF of the publication (texts by Permanent Gallery, Ellen Mara De Wachter, Francesco Pedraglio and Isobel Harbison)

Over the past few years, the work of collaborative duo allsopp&weir has been characterised by its commitment to exploring processes of repetition and exhaustion. As though caught in their own pattern of repetition, compelled to carry out their investigation over and over again, the artists have unstintingly returned to the subject, with multimedia works such as To the Place or Being in the Place (2006), performances like Indefinite Articles (2007) and Call to Prayer (2006), the sound installation Whenever I Stop to Breathe In (2007), the video Language Machine (2007) and now for their exhibition An Approximate Call at the Permanent Gallery, with the video and film works Amplification Device and Grass Breath Spit Trumpet (both 2007). The one element that ties all these works together is a concern with different manifestations of repetition and with the way that slippages that can occur in attempts to reproduce a sound, a word or an action, whether those repetitions are involuntary, compulsive or self-conscious and intentional. (from catalogue essay by Ellen Mara De Wachter)

Paul Allsopp & Lucia Farinati, Part One of the 'semi-dubbed interview', Camden Arts Centre, London, 2007
Paul Allsopp & Lucia Farinati, Part One of the 'semi-dubbed interview', Camden Arts Centre, London, 2007

An Approximate Call, Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 2007