Passage, Brussels, 2007
Passage, Brussels, 2007

Passage, Brussels, 2007


European forum for young artists
working with moving image + performance

FROM 11.01 to 22.02

Screenings and installations
P. Allsopp & A. Weir (GBR)
Matthias Fritsch (DEU)
C. Kogler & K. Szmit (AUT)
Fiona Mc Killop (GBR)
Raymond Taudin Chabot (NDL)


Contour 2007 - third biennial for video art has been given the subtitle Decoder. The exhibition presents a number of video and film works in a double-edged line of enquiry. It investigates the perceptual and rhetorical mechanisms that exist which affect and shape how people assimilate their comprehension of the world. Within this investigation it also analyses the contemporary tendencies within lens-based media art practices for looking at the particular issue above, whether self-reflexive or not.

The exhibition is used as a means to touch on subjects that are perceived to be shaped through the prevailing mechanisms for understanding - subjects that are legitimate and candid, topical, revelatory, and even antagonistic. But Contour 2007 also possesses a series of gestures beyond art's current relationship with internationalism. The exhibition looks at the contemporary conditions and desires for consuming through the visual, and questions the capacity for effectively debating socio- and geo-political issues through this consumption. It is not intended to be a political biennial as such. Rather it looks at the means that exist through which we consume political concerns, and then interrogates itself to ask the reason why this act is relevant within contemporary art in the first place.

Contour 2007 is a diagnostic layer that intertwines itself with the city of Mechelen - an exhibition that is not 'parachuted in' but emerges from within. The project is citywide, and a range of sites are being used. Historical sites play a role, as well as unused sites that formerly had some form of public function. There are also sites that presently have active public relationships of various forms. A key characteristic for the biennial is its 'imminence'. Contour 2007 is an experiential exhibition that produces a series of encounters for the public with video art. The presentation of the exhibition offers an engagement with works in unconventional and visceral experiences.


Students from ten art schools from eight European countries have all worked on a common theme: the multiple relations between moving image and performance. Passage, initiated by Contour Mechelen (BEL), is the first networking event of its kind. Among the many candidates, the jury has selected thirty four talented young artists. For these, Passage provides an excellent opportunity to make their entrance on the European art scene.

The Beursschouwburg in Brussels and Contour and nOna in Mechelen join forces and present a variety of works: videos, installations and performances that include moving images. A particular feature of Passage is the fact that eight participants have developed their work in the studios of FLACC in Genk.

The participating art schools are:
Sint Lukas Brussels and Sint Lucas Ghent (BEL), ZKM Karlsruhe (DEU), Goldsmiths College London and Metropolitan University Leeds (GBR), AKI Enschede (NLD), Ecole Supérieure d'Art Clermont-Ferrand (FRA), Academy of Fine Arts Vilnius (LTU), Academy of Arts Tallinn (EST) and University of Art and Industrial Design Linz (AUT).

It is the intention to organize this European forum every two years, centralized each time in another European country and organized by another institution as project leader.

This first edition of Passage is supported by
Culture 2000 (EU) and Vlaamse Gemeenschap