It's Just Bread, ALMA Enterprises, London, 2007
It's Just Bread, ALMA Enterprises, London, 2007

(group exhibition)
Alma Enterprises presents It’s just Bread, a 6-week-long programme of performances taking place at the gallery throughout March and April 2007 and bringing together durational performances by artists including: Brian Catling, Noble and Silver’s Kim Noble, Hayley Newman and Michael Curran, allsopp&weir, Gayle Chong Kwan, and Thomas Altheimer.

At times when no performances happen, a video reel with films that relate to rather than document what has taken/will take place at the gallery will be on show. The video reel will include the premiere of Brian Catling's 'Antic' and new video works by allsopp&weir and Kim Noble.

It's Just Bread - Performances and Events

allsopp&weir - 'Indefinite Articles' - performance involving - an opera singer’s rendition of all the singular indefinite articles and designated nouns from The Communist Manifesto sung to the vocal part of Arnold Schoenberg’s Erwartung (op.17, 1909).

It's Just Bread - Video Reel (March 9th - April 15th)

ANTIC, (2003), 17.34 - Brian Catling

Machine #1, (2007), 4.54 - allsopp&weir

Choco Gothic, (2002), 3.02 - Hayley Newman

*Footnote, (1998), 3.40 - Michael Curran

The world is a book (Little people wrestling the world), (2007), 9.59, - Thomas Altheimer

Kim Noble will invest in you (2007), 2.31 - Kim Noble