The Unfair Fair, Rome, 2008
The Unfair Fair, Rome, 2008

The Unfair Fair, Rome, 2008

(group exhibition)
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The first UNFAIR FAIR project was a sort of event, situation, exhibition, intervention, action and infiltration timed to coincide with two new contemporary art fairs in Rome - ARTEcontemporaneamodernaROMA and ROMA (The ROAD TO CONTEMPORARY ART). The UNFAIR FAIR is in no way formally associated with these art fairs, though it does have a strategic relation to the mainstream economy they represent. Whereas the raison d'être of the contemporary art fair may be characterised by maximization and accumulation, the conditions of the UNFAIR FAIR relate more comfortably to the states of minimization and disintegration.

Three propositions inform the makeup of the UNFAIR FAIR - Marcel Duchamp's Unhappy Readymade (1919), Robert Filliou's Principle of Equivalence - Well Done, Badly Done, Not Done, and the state of the contemporary art-market economy. Rather than reflect the overweening economic formula common to most art fairs, in which the art on display becomes little more than window dressing for current market forces, the UNFAIR FAIR adopts an economy of form and means where experimentation and the poetics of play are emphasised over commodified products and the imperatives of the market.

Produced by 1:1projects
in collaboration with Ines Musumeci Greco, Loto Arte

Curators: Cecilia Canziani and Vincent Honoré

Communication and Production: Athéna Panni

Editor: Louise Garrett

Catalogue Designer: Wolfgang Berkowski

The Unfair Fair, 2008