The Krautcho Club, 176 Zabludowicz Project Space, London, 2008
The Krautcho Club, 176 Zabludowicz Project Space, London, 2008

The Krautcho Club, 176 Zabludowicz Project Space, London, 2008

(group exhibition)
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Anna-Catharina Gebbers and the curators at 176 invited a selection of artists to lend a drinking glass they own to a bar in Berlin where it was exhibited for one evening on 30 August 2008. Only a name on the bottom of each glass revealed the identity of its selector and owner and turned the everyday object into a rarified artifact. To see the names of the lenders visitors have to step or bow down under the shelf and crane their necks. After being displayed in Berlin, the entire collection was transported to London and installed at 176 concurrently with Material Presence.

‘Glass’ is the name for both a material and an object; as such it carries connotations of value, cultural significance and aesthetic experience. The Krautcho Club / In and out of place contextualizes the glasses by the exhibition's concept and display mechanisms, which in turn incarnate basic modes of collecting and exhibition, and engage with themes of the readymade and site-specificity. The artists’ contributions display a multitude of responses to and interpretations of the invitation they received. Different concepts of collecting, display, material, value, content and space come together through a simple exhibition conceit.

Forgotten Bar Project is a temporary not-for-profit gallery housed in a Berlin bar. It is running a daily changing exhibition program during summer 2008. 176 is a not-for-profit project space run by the Zabludowicz Collection and housed in a deconsecrated 19th century Methodist Chapel in north London. The title The Krautcho Club / In and out of Place combines an ironic reference to a well known London media/art world members club with the process of contextualization launched in a ‘forgotten’ German bar.

The Krautcho Club / In and out of Place is the first joint exhibition project between 176 and guest curator Anna-Catharina Gebbers. In and out of Place, borrowed from an Andrea Fraser essay about Louise Lawler, will indicate upcoming joint projects as sequels and will be the title of an exhibition curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers at 176 opening in May 2009.