Drawing the Front Line, 2008
Drawing the Front Line, 2008

Drawing the Front Line, 2008

video, 11 mins

arriving to have a chat with Charlie, his light is broken so we speak in the dark, lit by the occasional cigarette...


It’s jumping out your body. Its jumping out your body into another life. Well…the buzz..woahh. It’ll get you jumping about all over the shop, mate. You know what I mean? I mean…you get…you’re scared, and you get so built up into yourself, that when this thing had to happen, you had to be quick, and you had to be determined in your mind. You feel good..but you’re racing, all the time you know…It’s exciting though. You feel like you’re empty. Your whole body’s empty. Somebody lift you up, out this world, into a new world. No pain, you feel beautiful. You’re laid back. You know. Its beautiful, but…how can you put it? It don't last long.

Now. (sings) Willow weep for me / Willow weep for me/ Come my lover’s dream into the night and follow me / Sad as I can be / Hear my willow weep for me / Come my lover’s dream, lovely summer dream/ [unintelligible] / Sad as I can be, hear me willow and weep for me. There you are.

Right, lets put the radio on. Radio? Radio. (Sound of radio being turned on and cutting abruptly between channels. Charlie responds to the sounds on the radio) They’re laughing there like (laughter)…fucking sausage. I found a ..I bought a…CD for this pretty girl. [unintelligible] and…er.. Turn that off for a minute. (sound of radio being turned off).

This bird, right, she got really funny. I like her, but lately, I feel like, er, she’s given me the elbow. You know what I mean? You know how many dirty birds I had when I was a kid along this road, Lower Clapton Road. Ooh! Fucking hell, mate! I’ve humped them all down here, mate, and had afters. But if you go down the next corner. Over the other side of the road, there’s a car, a showroom…[unintelligible]…A fucking commotion there. Oh! When I got hold of that, mate, I thought my world had ended! She was fucking beautiful, mate. Every but, every but way but which, me and her went. Every way but which. Ooh! It was lovely. These, erm, nutty birds that used to come down here and that, give you a blowjob for nothing. We’d get into that, and a few of the other local birds.

(sound of radio being turned on, it changes between channels) Don’t like that…That can fuck off. (radio changes some more and eventually settles on some classical music which remains on in the background). Every Sunday we’d go into the forest, my brother, sister, mum and dad. And we’d walk… the Black Forest. But now and then you’d get little huts. Beer. Cellars. You know. And you go in, and you have, er…Bockwurst, Kartoffelsalat. Sausage, and potato salad. Beer. Coffee. (music stops). Well, when I was a boy, there’d be a big rooster chicken we had in the garden. He poked me in the leg one day, and it hurt, and it made my leg bleed. I went up with a sob story and told granddad, and he went out with a knife. Cut the chicken’s head off and had it hanging upside down in the kitchen, the chicken, bleeding it, bleeding it like, ready for cooking, big’un. (makes rooster sound)…of the morning…(rooster sound, laughs)

as transcribed by allsopp&weir; (Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir)