Whenever I stop to Breathe In, 2007
Whenever I stop to Breathe In, 2007

Whenever I stop to Breathe In, 2007

sound piece, 12 minute loop
(installation view, Studio 1.1, London)

In this recently created sound piece "whenever I stop to breathe in" the sentence is repeated until the performer runs out of breath. As in allsopp&weir;’s previous work we have a set of instructions imposed on the body: the same sentence has to be repeated innumerable times, whilst the performer is exhaling all the breath he holds. The meaning of the sentence is related with the very act of the performer, who stops breathing in, stops inhaling, and repeats the sentence until the exhaustion of air in his lungs. It seems like whenever I stop to breath in... that is what happens: the voice is deteriorating, whilst a series of lateral effects emerge- the voice starts conveying an involuntary sense of sorrow, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from one of joy (something similar to what happened in previous work, where the bodies of the TV presenters convey a sense of almost hysterical urgency, of panic).

Paolo Plotegher (curator), from text of presentation at Tokyo Wondersite, Japan