re-processed digital video; 8 mins

hitching a ride into the earth to tell a material fiction


institute a cold twist operation

The film is premised on a single vertical downward movement driven by two machines (a camera and a lift) and two sonic fictions. It assumes that the Motorik beat can drive an image and if the beat is cold enough it can lure downwards (because heat rises), freezing any bossanovic-sway interruptions . Combining these machines and sounds, however, leads to unexpected results, inducing a 'twist' of inside and outside at the image surface.

keep driving tropical modernist soil

The camera departs from the roof of a dirty modernist geometric block, moves smoothly down through some foliage, through the remains of a jungle erupted at the heart of the city, and continues down to register processes of underground oil production. Oil spills and spurts back upwards in a gnarly perforating bounce

spit up

Thought on a downward movement, it collapses Motorik, cheaply emotive stock-music, bass/base materialism, utopian dreams / non-human apocalyptic fantasies, Manon de Boer’s film on the schizoanalyst Suely Rolnik, non-resonating surfaces, anthropophagy, HD, katabaticism and oil as a creeping undercurrent.

sedimentation occurs