Indefinite Articles 2, 2006
Indefinite Articles 2, 2006

Indefinite Articles 2, 2006

All of the indefinite-article-defined-objects in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (extract)

an acorn
an active self-directed process
an attempt
a bare abstraction
a being
a birth-time
a breadth which is emptiness
a break in the process
a building
a characterisation of his nature
a chequered and devious course of development
a child
a claim
a coherent, orderly account
a collection of items of knowledge
a conception
a demonstration that the basis or principle of the system is in point of fact merely its beginning.
a depth which is empty
a device for avoiding the real business at issue
a dogmatic assurance
an easier task than perhaps it seems
an easy enough matter
an esoteric possession
an esoteric possession
an extension of substance
an external fashion
an extraneous interest
a fact
a false form
a firm hold
a few individuals
a first principle
a fixed point
a flash
a form of mediation
a fundamental proposition
a general notion
a given idea
a given philosophical system
an historical sketch
a human being
an idea
an immediate unity as such
an incapacity to grasp the standpoint of the Absolute
an insubstantial intensity
a little consideration
a long period of nutrition in silence
a living experience of the subject-matter itself
a long time
a meaningless sound
a mere name
a mere purpose
a misunderstanding
a monochrome formalism
a negative attitude towards the principle we start from
an oak
an organic unity
an original and primal unity as such
a parade of the immediate intuitive rationality
a period of transition
a philosophical work
a philosophical work
a possession
a preface
a present that lies beyond
a pretence
a principle
a procedure of that kind
a process
a process
a process towards another state
a proposition
a qualitative change
a question
a refutation
a responsible judgment
a result
a result
a self-determining distinction of shapes and forms
a self-origination
a single stroke
a so-called fundamental proposition
a solid substantial content
a spiritual world
a static point

a string of desultory assertions and assurances about the truth
a subject
a system
a system
a universal way
an unreal manner
a vast expanse of content
a view
a wanderer in the desert
a whole
a whole
a whole
a widespread revolution
a word

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