Placebos for Art, 2011
Placebos for Art, 2011

Placebos for Art, 2011

(collaborative project)
Placebos for Art, Behring Institute, Amsterdam

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A research project and collection of 'placebos for art'.

Relationships between art and health care, as well as the influence and effects of art on health, have been studied frequently. The results of many studies indicate a positive outcome with regard to the treat- ment of patients and suggest that art can lead to the reduction of medicines used by patients, the shortening of patients’ stays in hospitals, the improvement of working conditions, the fostering of the doctor/pa- tient relationship and the improvement of mental health.

In order to do epistemological research on the phenomena manifested by the various studies, the Behring Institute will launch, in 2011, a long-term worldwide study on the effects of art on the health of individuals. Our current plan for the second phase of the Call for Placebos for Art is to continue under the name The Art of Healing.

In this report we summarized the prelimi- nary results of our Call for Placebos for Art. This consists of a first attempt at group- ing, categorizing, and defining the pieces, projects, paintings, pills, and installations. Via this report we attempt to parse out the feedback we need for our research.

(text by the scientists)