This is Not a School, 2011
This is Not a School, 2011

This is Not a School, 2011

(group exhibition)
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As AF (Assessing Freedom) - Diagrams for freedom

All Power to the Free Universities. All Power to the Free Schools. Free. Imaginary. Faith. Radical. Academy. Real. Invisible. Communist. Autonomous. Business. Kilquhanity. Copenhagen. Liverpool. Etc. Etc. Etc. We call for everybody to establish their own free universities. We invite you...
Not just art practitioners. Call upon you to participate. Plagiarize. Perhaps you’ll see this as an opportunity to make up for past failures. Emancipate research and learning from the economization of all knowledge production in society. Unrestricted by the pragmatism of the university or academy structure. Perhaps the refusal of any kind of mediation. Not to write alone. Not to... Work? Alone. The diversity and internal oppositions, not to mention conflicts, may well define its... our existence. This must be recognised. Critique the unprecedented number of self-organised forums outside institutions. Critique the self-empowered departures inside institutions. To constitute a collective or plural speech: a communism of... What? Writing? A radical education forum. A curdled idealism. THEY. The people. A front line no longer cutting through the middle of society; now runs through the middle of us. Insert alterations and re-arrangements within existing institutional frameworks. Subtract. The opportunity to remove failure(s). Fragmentary. Precisely to make plurality possible, to open a place for it and at the same time never to arrest the process itself... Always already ruptured... Meaning not in themselves but in their conjunction-disjunction, their being placed together and in common [mise en commun], their relations of difference. The fragmentary or, more simply, fragments, sentences, paragraphs, which when put into relation with others... Taking on new meaning... Furthers
our research. Abandon any preconceived idea of originality or the privilege of being previously unpublished. Information collected as is... In its brute force and without commentary, sparsely... Or densely punctuating the discontinuous... Series of... This will also belong to our research. Everyone is welcome. You are one of us. Thus... Those who are without words, who are not writers... artists? The very people whom the discourse does not reach - even though it is in this discourse that they believe they can best make themselves heard - must have a place in which to express themselves or to find themselves expressed, whether directly or indirectly. In short, language is given not in the content of the... programme? This Is Not a Programme... nor in their form but through their relations, the necessarily disharmonious ensemble that they constitute. With this discontinuity that they preserve through this non closure, there will be a search for a more radical language that is situated outside discourse, outside of culture, and that while being declarative, should continue to maintain the incessant work of questioning. WE HAVE WON. We are essentially irregular... Weak. Weak. Weak. Resistance. You with your new Uni pals... standing bragging... An Educational Complex. Bound to a temporal irregularity... Just as much as an irregularity of format and formulation... Perpetually decentred centres... Everything belongs to us... We belong to everything... And to nothing.... Perhaps not. I love Free School, and Free School loves me. Free School demands that there should be no distinction between Teacher and Taught. Actually we demand nothing, there is nothing that we want from you that we cannot take for ourselves. Really...Really Free...