MI2, Athens, 2008
MI2, Athens, 2008

MI2, Athens, 2008

(group exhibition)
Curated by Konstantinos Dagritzikos Produced by Aurora Aspen and Konstantinos Dagritzikos
Duration: May 24 – June 10 Pre-opening party: May 17, 23:00 till late Private View and after-party: May 24, 21:00 till late Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 – 18:00. Saturday 13:00 – 18:00

B.I.G. project space and _ _ are particularly pleased to announce their most ambitious production so far: MI2. A group project packed with a handful of distinct local and international artists, action movie thrills, impossible acts and pure cinematic fun. MI2 is an abstract sequence. It stands for Mission Impossible 2. The artists are commissioned to produce new work that will act indirectly as feedback on given ideas questioning physical limitations, espionage acts and the concept of the Impossible in a playful visual arts context. The exhibition will involve loud art products and a likewise installation design.

All 17 participants are invited to engage with the project in a similar way that IMF (Impossible Missions Force), members are invited to take on a new impossible mission, through a 7-minute DIY/DIT video, produced by the curator himself, which briefly outlines the aims and goals he wishes to accomplish with their help. In this particular video we listen to a low-pitched narrator?s voice commenting with lighthearted irony on the current state of Greek contemporary art and self-centered DIWTHOO1 mainstream pop culture and announcing the desired mission while edited found footage of aerial views of the city along with typical everyday scenes and local heroes are playing on the background (you can view the video here: There is a direct reference to the 2nd part (produced and aired worldwide in the late 80s), of the infamous TV-series and an indirect one to the blockbuster Tom Cruise movie, but we wish to hold on to the direct one. The overall project has been developed from scratch by acquiring a curatorial approach that simulates the structure of a typical Mission Impossible episode, and developing as one, working under fully espionage ways. The show will include video and slide projections, sculpture, prints, performances, installations, and more.

Thursday, May 22, 20:00. A presentation/brief/performative lecture of the project will take place at the opening night of Art Athina art fair inside the Helexpo complex. The presentation will simulate an IMF mission brief, where the leader of the team was presenting to the group their mission.