Video Art from London, Tokyo Wondersite, 2008
Video Art from London, Tokyo Wondersite, 2008

Video Art from London, Tokyo Wondersite, 2008

(group exhibition)
Video Art from London, Tokyo Wondersite, 2008

Organize: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site / Video Art from London Committee
Curation: Paolo Plotegher, Kaori Otake, Kimi Tanigawa
Venue: TWS Hongo
Artist: allsopp&weir; / Karin Ludmann / Yara El-Sherbini / Beltran Obregon / Richard T. Walker

This exhibition introduces video works of young artists based in London. Artists with various cultural backgrounds are active in multicultural London. Reflecting this situation, not all of the artists in this show were born in the U.K.. For these artists living in a world filled with variety and multiculturalism, working with video art might be a way of crossing cultural differences. The artists works deal with bodies and movement, humour hidden within the everyday, the unpredictable born from a twisted perspective, skepticism towards cultural stereotypes, and ambivalent feelings towards nature. Such themes are sharable by people living in the contemporary global society. Video art is one of the most accessible forms of art today. Hence, this exhibition will provide an opportunity to facilitate an encounter between artists showing their work for the first time in Japan, and the Japanese audience. We hope to provide a common ground crossing the geographical distance between the U.K. and Japan, whilst dwelling this global world.
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