POT, Kassel, 2012
POT, Kassel, 2012

POT, Kassel, 2012

(gallery presentation)
POT, Kassel, 9/6-16/9

In summer 2012 the Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) project seeks for a creative atmosphere in Kassel in parallel to Documenta. Artists are invited to think of POT as a “Plan for Optimal Tactic,” which could be understood as an individual plan for whatever activities (or tactics) might be offered.

POT = Plenty of Torrents
POT = Point of Transaction
POT = Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial (Spanish: Zoning Plan)
POT = Plan of Test
POT = Performance Oriented Training
POT = Plenty of Time

I broadcast field recordings from deep geological repositories from a disused Lebensmittel shop space in Kassel during Documenta 13, also presenting and discussing video work.

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POT, Kassel, 2012