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Off to Vancouver for this exhibition at the ISEA2015 ( ), curated by Dene Grigar:
Looks like some interesting work here, I'll be showing SATURATED HIGHWAY FOREST DEATH PSYCH SYNTH PANIC etc... for the first time, which should include some video, sound, a live event with a corporate futurologist and possibly T-shirts


I'll be talking here (Poznan) in the "Politics of Performance' strand, making a presentation drawing on Ray Brassier, Mattin, J-L Guionnet & Murayama Seijiro's booklet Idioms and Idiots to discuss platforms for nyctalopic superidiocy in the university.

Also writing a short text, 'Bits of Idiot', for the accompanying publication.


Gothenberg, 4-6 Nov, The 1st PARSE Biennial Research Conference on TIME
Keynotes from: Simonetta Carbanaro, Simon Critchley, Coco Fusco, Bruno Latour, Jalal Toufic.
I've giving a paper (on art and deep time) on a v. interesting looking panel with Anna Salomon (of the Center for Applied Rationality), and Brian House


MAY - Realism Materialism Art book launch at The New Museum, New York, Thu 21st May, 7pm
'Thick Dia-chronic Crash. Incision into Delay' in the book
and some nice pictures

'Cosmic Alreadymades: Exhibiting Indifference at dOCUMENTA(13)' in Journal of Curatorial Studies ,

MARCH - Nuclear Cultures research group event at Goldsmiths, with Ele Carpenter, on 'Imaging Radiological Deep Time'

- The 1st PARSE Biennial Conference on Time, Nov 2015 , writing something for this now

- Psych-Synth - Will be showing some new work in the summer at the ISEA2015 exhibition in Vancouver, should be very cool.

- 'Insituting Art at the Outermost' - new text coming out in the Project Anywhere publication in the wake of the recent conference at the New School

- PARADOX Fine Art , more to come on this

9-screen solar dump in a lecture hall

NOV - artist talk in New York for the Project Anywhere Conference , at School of Art, Media and Technology, Parsons The New School for Design, "art and research at the outermost limits of location-specificity..."

NOV - looking forward to this, Anthropocene Campus , at HKW, Berlin, "a curricular experiment..."

OCT - ISEA 2014 in Dubai, looks great, I'll be doing some mezozoic petro-sonic futurology, "excavating material histories through mobile technologies..."

SEP - Constructing Memory , I'll be doing something here, "glitched 3D printouts, future hauntologies, radioactive waste fuel, infected memories..."

- Aesthetics After Finitude - Disappointed I couldn't make it all the way to Sydney to present something here in the end , check it out anyway, looks great
AUG 2014 - Excited to be starting a new job at AUB

JUNE 22 - JULY 20 - THE GROUP , at Rollaversion, London, great new space curated by Tomas Rydin, "did you mean 'oral aversion'?..."

JULY - Presenting at a panel on 'darkness' with John Mullarkey, Marie Therese O'Connor & Robert Sinnerbrink, Film Philosophy 2014, University of Glasgow

APRIL 19 - MAY 4, 2014 - Broadcasting some new work at this v. interesting show on the medium of radio Radioscopie: Medium as Metaphor, KARST, Plymouth, "were they both receptor telepaths?..."

MARCH 2014 - GHOST TIME // FUTURE ANTERIOR // COSMIC TOOLS , "the future is both unapologetically bankrupt and overwhelmingly omnipresent as a rhetorical and biochemical haunting..."

FEB 1 - I'm in snowy Berlin showing a video with Q+A at THIS EVENT at Transmediale 2014

OCT/NOV news - haven't updated the rest of this site for a while sorry, but here's some things coming up:

Oct 25 6-9pm - Publication launch at X Marks the Boekship for new print version of QGJCPLB, including a screening of some new video work

Nov 1-2 - Tuning Speculation, York University, Toronto

ccthenr: coalesce, compose then radiate

Edge Effect

JULY - Just finished new text/work to be published in forthcoming Realism Materialism Art book with Sternberg Press, More info. to come
JULY - Excited to be on the advisory board of this new project from Punctum - Punctum Records
JULY 10 - Great looking Symposium at Kingston Uni. I'll be giving a paper/performance and showing a video, More info. to come.
MAY 9 - presenting at When Site Lost the Plot symposium, More info to come
APRIL 12 - I'm giving a paper at the AAH conference, Uni. of Reading.. It's on Pierre Huyghe's work at documenta(13) and some ideas around anthropocenic indifference in relation to contemporary art as 'exhibition'.
NEW WORK - researching a new 3-screen video installation , trailer to come...
MARCH 7 - Weaponising Speculation gallery discussion, Block T, Dublin - the exhibtion as coreless experiment isonomic with the conference.

- MARCH 2-3, presenting by video DELAY CUT OUT at Weaponising Speculation, DUST (Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought) and showing DESERT SCAN at the associated exhibition, Block T Gallery, Dublin (until MARCH 7), more info. to come..

- And coming up MARCH 4-6, the Escapologies Symposium I've co-curated as a 72 hour video, Goldsmiths, read more...

FEB 25 Coming up this weekend, taking part in the Matter of Contradiction: War Against The Sun workshop in London, more info. to come...
In Basel? showing some vids at ELAINE this friday, thanks to Yves Mettler
- Just recorded Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams in discussion and reading their #accelerate manifesto for a new piece with Cosmist sci-fi visuals for our forthcoming Escapologies symposium, more info to come...

FEBRUARY - Rediviva publication and launch party, Vienna & Berlin, irreversible denudation read more...
JANUARY 30th - fake holograms and nmph disco etc.., screening at Transmediale, Berlin, read more...
Compressed Intercessor, 2012

SOME other stuff coming up soon - Compressed Intercessor in Object/Ecology O-Zone - A Journal of Object Oriented Studies; Call to a Dark Image screening at Back When Pluto Was a Planet, transmediale 2013, Berlin; new work for Realism Materialism Art (forthcoming, Sternberg Press); ztscrpt; Exhibition Histories, AAH Conference; outermost locations; Weaponising Speculation
NOVEMBER 15th - Deep Time Contagion, discussion and introduction by Jamie Allen in new edition of continent., read more...
OCTOBER 26th - Broadcast with on Basic FM,
OCTOBER 11th-14th SUNDAY art fair, SUNDAY School Guided Tour. read more...
SEPTEMBER 28th - OCTOBER 5th - LUX AAP dis(chorus) more...
SEPTEMBER 13th - giving a paper at Film-Philosophy 2012, King's College, London, read more...
SEPTEMBER 1st-9th - The Matter of Contradiction: Ungrounding the Object, workshops and conference, Treignac Project, France, read more...

DECEMBER 2nd - presentation on time and the image at Critical Information, School of Visual Art, NYC, more info. to come...

plant particips 3


SEPTEMBER - 'The Unknown Image', Mediations Biennial, Poznan. Details to come
AUGUST - publication for It's Moving from I to It , Form Content, read more...
JULY_AUGUST - 1990s TURBOREALISM on Donetsk slagheaps.
JULY 14th-15th - presentation at DRUGG (Diagram Research Use & Generation Group) Event, Slade/UCL - video version online here
JULY - I'll be showing some new work and giving a talk as part of a residency project in Kassel during Documenta 13. JULY 9th - talk at POT, and radio broadcast.
JULY - showing a diagram as part of the muleskind proto-publication at Banner Repeater, London

oil bed

JUNE 26th - chairing a discussion with Philip Warnell, Robert Luzar & Paul Harrison, A Breath for Nothing, CSM, London
JUNE 14th - Goldsmiths Fine Art / Art History BA opening, see my students' work!
JUNE 1st - Nyx: Machines, launch, Old Police Station, Deptford. I made a writing machine.
MAY 26th - I'll be giving a presentation on nonhuman temporalities and moving image artwork at this, the Lux / ICA Biennial of Moving Images, London.

APRIL - Georhythmic Allure and Contagious Stuff: 5 Figures for Deep Time Aesthetics. Presentation, will upload.
Promo, 2012

compressed 3

A Dark Image, 2012

plant particips 4

interface 2

cut up quotes: bresson, lucretius, j.h.prynne


new CI